Ranked choice voting (RCV) had another momentous election cycle in 2023. It was protected and expanded in some cities, it was used for the first time in places like Boulder, Colorado, and it was adopted by voters in 3 Michigan cities.

Here's the thing, voters in East Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Royal Oak will have to wait to use the alternative voting method because of how Michigan election law is written. There is no explicit prohibition on RCV, but state officials say the law is written in such a way that denies implementation.

Ranked choice voting (RCV) continues to build on its national momentum. It was not only adopted in new cities on Election Day 2023, but it was protected by voters in other places and used in 11 cities across 6 states.

A new national poll reveals something that will unnerve the Republican and Democratic Parties: An independent with national name recognition is polling nearly as well as Ross Perot did in 1992.

Fox News reports that when Biden and Trump (as the presumptive nominee) go head-to-head, it's a statistical toss-up with Biden at 47% and Trump at 46%. However, when Robert F Kennedy Jr is included, Biden drops to 39%, Trump drops to 36%, and Kennedy takes 22%.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Forward, former presidential candidate and Forward Party Co-Founder Andrew Yang spoke with futurist and X PRIZE founder Peter Diamandis on a variety of topics, including AI in politics, universal basic income, the future of the US workforce, and political reforms that could save the US democratic process.