The election day colloquially referred to as Super Tuesday used to mean something. It's an election date traditionally held in early March and is known for hosting the most presidential preference elections on a single day each election cycle.

In 2024, Super Tuesday falls on March 5. In most cases, states that will hold presidential preference contests on this date are in the middle of early voting, including the nation's most populous state: California. 

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The Libertarian Party of California (:PCA) has set the stage for a presidential forum and debate unlike anything voters are accustomed to seeing at its annual convention. Not only has the party opened its doors to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, but it also announced that Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein will be present during a presidential candidate panel. 

"We are excited to host Dr. Stein and Mr. Kennedy," said LPCA Chair Adam F. Malagon.

1. You See the Legitimacy of Opposing Views

Voters have become accustomed to the simple red-versus-blue, liberal-versus-conservative goal posts that have been set up by the drivers of American politics. Hyper-polarization has reached such extremes that no matter the position, the "other side" is always wrong, evil, and brainwashed.

Over the weekend, Senate negotiators released final language of a bill that would address the growing crisis at America’s southern border while also providing aid to Ukraine and Israel. This would be great news, if House Speaker Mike Johnson hadn’t announced the bill was dead on arrival before the bill had been written.