election reform

The Florida Democratic Party has effectively canceled its 2024 presidential primary after it only submitted President Joe Biden's name to the secretary of state for the party's ballot. Under state law, an uncontested race does not appear on the ballot and therefore denies voters an opportunity to be heard. 

Despite claims from the party of "no conspiracy," the move has angered candidates who wanted to challenge Biden's incumbency.

Hundreds of Floridians from across the political spectrum have united to raise awareness and combat a fraud perpetuated on state voters that has kept millions of people from having an equal and meaningful say in elections.

Florida is a closed primary state, meaning only registered party members can participate in taxpayer-funded primary elections. However, in 1998, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment with 64% of the vote that requires primary elections to be opened to all voters in the event that only candidates from a single party run for an elected position.

Arlington County, Virginia held its first ranked choice voting elections on Tuesday, June 20, during the Democratic primary for county board -- and many voters appear to approve of the new voting method. 

The Washington Post ran a headline two days ahead of the primary that read, "Virginia's first ranked choice voting election is vexing some Arlington voters." Yet, reports on election day show that the process was smooth for the majority of people. 

A new poll from The McCourtney Institute for Democracy shows that what Americans want most right now is legislative and systemic reform to a political system that continues to fail them.

The institute’s latest Mood of the Nation poll found that 28% of respondents said the biggest issue on their legislative wish list is political and electoral reform, including proportional representation and term limits.