Video: Is Real Bipartisanship Possible in Today's Political Climate?

Open Primaries hosted a virtual discussion with civil rights leader, businessman, educator, and author Dr. Benjamin Chavis, who recently was appointed co-chair of the No Labels, a group that has attempted to bring together Republicans and Democrats under shared principles.

Dr. Chavis began his career as a statewide youth coordinator for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 and has spent much of his career fighting racial injustice and false imprisonment in the US. He is focusing his efforts as co-chair of No Labels on new political tactics to foster bipartisanship in the case that the 2024 presidential election produces candidates that fall on the political extremes. 

But the electoral landscape is changing. The political environment is getting increasingly divisive. Independent voters are growing in number and as a result of the lack of action and accountability and divisive rhetoric from public officials they are losing faith in the US electoral and political processes.

Can traditional notions of bipartisanship survive? Should they survive? Open Primaries asks the question, should we look backwards to move forward? Or do we need a new approach that starts with how we elect our public officials? Check out the full conversation in the video above.