Green Party's Jill Stein to Join RFK Jr, Cornel West, and Libertarian Presidential Candidates at Calif. Convention

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The Libertarian Party of California (:PCA) has set the stage for a presidential forum and debate unlike anything voters are accustomed to seeing at its annual convention. Not only has the party opened its doors to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr, but it also announced that Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein will be present during a presidential candidate panel. 

"We are excited to host Dr. Stein and Mr. Kennedy," said LPCA Chair Adam F. Malagon.

"Events showcasing real, open conversations between individuals who share views outside of what the regime considers allowable opinion are almost non-existent, which is why we’re proud to host this uncensored panel where we have the opportunity to promote libertarianism on the biggest stage we have had in some time.”

The party says its decision to include Dr. Stein in the presidential candidate panel aligns with the LPCA's commitment to promoting inclusivity and diverse perspectives within the political sphere. By providing a platform for candidates from different parties to engage in constructive dialogue, the LPCA aims to foster a more nuanced understanding of pressing issues and promote a culture of respect for differing viewpoints.

The approach is almost completely unheard of in US politics. The Republican and Democratic Parties refuse to host sincere debates -- if they host them at all -- and choose to squash opposing views rather than promote an open marketplace of ideas to inform voters.

Dr. Stein is scheduled to participate in the convention's first presidential candidate panel, offering attendees the opportunity to hear her insights on a range of topics, from environmental policy to healthcare reform. She will appear on the panel alongside Dr. Cornel West, economist Dr. David Friedman, and Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle.

Kennedy will appear in the second presidential panel and will be the featured Saturday Luncheon Guest Speaker.

The LPCA Annual Presidential Convention will be held at The Hilton Costa Mesa in Costa Mesa, California, between February 23-24. Tickets to the convention and both POTUS Candidate Panels are available for purchase on the LPCA Convention website.

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