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An Anne Arundel County judge in Maryland tossed new congressional maps passed by the state’s General Assembly Friday, ruling that they violate the state’s constitution. The judge further ordered that new maps be drawn and approved by the legislative body.

“The 2021 Congressional Plan is unconstitutional and subverts the will of those governed,” writes Judge Lynne Battaglia. 

Legislatures and redistricting commissions across the United States are in the process of drawing new maps for their legislative and congressional districts, and some states have already drawn new lines to give the party in power even more of an advantage while denying voters opportunities for meaningful representation.

The Illinois Legislature didn’t waste any time ramming new state House and Senate maps through the legislative process Tuesday, despite criticism and pleas from community organizations for a more thorough and transparent process.

State lawmakers revealed new maps Monday. However, it was determined that they violated the “one person, one vote” principle. Revised maps were offered the next day, and then approved hours later. 

Thanks to the Constitutionally-mandated periodic census, the House of Representatives will look a lot different for the 2022 midterm elections, with some states gaining seats, some losing them, and partisan gerrymanders sprouting across the nation like sunflowers. As a result, Republicans, it seems certain, will be in a far better position to retake control of the chamber.