Although many in the national media and the parties are treating the 2024 presidential nomination processes as a done deal, the thing that will make this year's Super Tuesday most meaningful are the number of congressional races that will be decided in Republican and Democratic primaries across the US.

Five states are conducting congressional primaries on Tuesday, March 5: Alabama, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, and Texas. In total, this accounts for 115 congressional seats or approximately 26% of seats in the US House. This does not include US Senate races.

Eight years ago, there was a competition still in play between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton when the California primary rolled around. But, even though the Democratic Party allowed independent votes to be counted toward the selection of convention delegates, then Secretary of State Alex Padilla refused to eliminate the arcane and undemocratic barriers to voting left over from partisan primary rules more than half a century old.

Photo By: Philip Oroni / Unsplash


The Kansas House approved a bill Thursday that aims to make it substantially harder for independent candidates to qualify for the statewide ballot. Not only does the bill more than quadruple the current signature requirement, but it eliminates the ability to pay a filing fee in lieu of signature gathering.

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